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Maintain a Strong Foundation

Your home is only as good as its foundation. If you’ve started to notice your floors are slightly sloped or your doors don’t shut as well as they used to, now is the time to act.

Save yourself potentially thousands of dollars by catching minor foundation issues before they become major. Don't let the safety and value of your home be compromised by a weakening foundation.

The stability of your floors and the ease with which your doors shut are more than just daily conveniences; they're indicators of your home's overall health.

With Trust Foundation’s home leveling & foundation repair, you can ensure your home stands strong for years to come. So, don't risk costly repairs down the road; address those minor concerns today. Contact us to schedule a thorough inspection and protect your investment–today.

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3 Reasons Foundation Problems Must be Addressed

  • If left unaddressed, foundation issues can escalate, making them more expensive to fix the longer you wait.
  • Your home’s value becomes compromised. No buyer wants a home with foundation issues.
  • If your doors and windows don’t open correctly, it can put your family's safety at risk in the event of an emergency.

Foundation Repair in Chandler

We’ve helped homeowners just like you stop small foundation issues in their tracks, preventing them from becoming major problems. We specialize in foundation crack repair and understand the issues that East Texas homes are most likely to have.

The weather in East Texas can cause the soil below your home to expand and contract. Periods of heavy rain followed by dry spells are usually the culprits behind your foundation issues.

Stop hairline cracks from becoming chasms below your home, and contact the team with a half-century of experience keeping you safe.

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Trust Our Foundation Repair Experts in Chandler

Texans have trusted their homes to Trust Foundation Repair since 1976. We have decades of experience fixing homes just like yours, and we know how important it is to keep your home and family safe.

If your house isn’t fully level, we know how to make it right. Contact us today, and let’s get your house back to perfect.

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House Leveling in Chandler

If you notice that your home's foundation isn't level or seems to be sinking, our house leveling services can come to the rescue. Trust Foundation Repair will bring your home's foundation back to its original, even position. This not only stops more damage from happening but also keeps your home and your family safe. We'll make sure that your doors, windows, and other parts of your home work as they should, giving you a home that's safe and secure.

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Chandler, TX

Fixing a pier and beam foundation means repairing any problems with the support system of a building, including the piers and beams that hold up the weight of the building. This process aims to make the foundation stable, fix any sagging or settling, and prevent more damage, all while keeping the building safe and level.

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Encapsulation Services in Chandler, TX

Foundation encapsulation means sealing and insulating the space under your building to block out moisture, mold, and pests, all while making your home more energy-efficient. When you encapsulate your foundation, you can protect it from damage, make the air inside your home cleaner, and lower your energy bills. This makes your living space healthier and more comfortable.

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Moisture Barriers or Vapor Barriers

Foundation moisture and vapor barriers are designed to prevent water and water vapor from entering a home's structure. This protection guards against issues like mold, rot, and structural weakening

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Chandler, Texas

Fixing a damaged concrete slab means repairing and strengthening it to address problems like cracks, unevenness, and structural issues. This process restores surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and floors, making them safe, functional, and attractive again. It helps your concrete surfaces last longer, preventing additional damage and keeping them fit for everyday use.

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Your Foundation Restoration Experts

Contact Trust Foundation

You have enough headaches as a homeowner; don’t let major foundation issues be another. If you suspect your foundation is starting to have issues, contact Trust Foundation Repair.

Even if your foundation issues are incredibly minor, having professionals take a look at your home is always worth the investment.

When we come to your home, we’ll offer a comprehensive assessment tailored to your needs specifically and craft a plan of action going forward. Once you have that plan in hand, you can walk out your door with peace of mind.

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