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Structural Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • House Leveling
  • Slab Repair
  • Pier & Beam
  • Polyurethane Foam Injection

Qualified Foundation Repair in Livingston

Looking for a highly qualified and experienced foundation repair company in Livingston, Texas? At Trust Foundation Repair (formerly Rite-Way Foundation Company), we offer peerless foundation repair, concrete leveling, slab repair, house leveling, polyurethane foam injection, and pier and beam repair services for our Livingston area customers.

Ever since our founding in 1976, we have taken every crack in every structure seriously. When we come out to your Livingston, Texas home or business, we’ll evaluate your home or business and provide you with a detailed analysis and free quote. That way, you’ll know exactly the sort of foundation issues your structure faces and how our team of licensed professionals can address them.

Do you need Foundation Repair Services?

Have you noticed any dips, domes, cracks, sloping floors, or spots of collected moisture in your home or business? These could be indicative of larger problems that can lead to catastrophic foundation damage down the road which are far more costly. No matter how large or small your foundation repair issue in Livingston, our crew is ready to put you back on solid ground.

If your doors and windows no longer close properly or you fear you may be walking uphill in your own home, it’s time to call a trustworthy and professional foundation specialist in the Livingston area. For more information on our concrete leveling, foundation repair, slab repair, house leveling, poly foam injection, and pier and beam repair services in Livingston, Texas, contact Trust Foundation Repair today!

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