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Do you have foundation problems? Just like in every other part of life, preventive maintenance is more economical than a total overhaul. The same applies for foundations. If you neglect the warning signs today, the cost could increase dramatically tomorrow.

The experts at Trust Foundation Repair, formerly Rite-Way Foundation, are well-acquainted with the problems that homeowners face in East Texas. From excessive humidity to extreme heat, your home is susceptible to issues that Trust Foundation Repair professionals are uniquely qualified to notice and handle.

Some of the most common signs of foundation issues include uneven and sloping floors or walls, doors or windows that no longer close properly, and cracks in the foundation, the floor or floor tiles – horizontal cracks in particular.

If you have any of these problems present in your home, contact Trust Foundation Repair. We carry the proper licenses and insurance coverage to provide professional structure repairs to your home or business. We even provide a FREE structural analysis to help you understand our repair strategy. Our decades of experience in East Texas foundation repair has produced the awesome and affordable foundation repair solutions you need to endure for the life of your home. We also have financing options. Contact us today for more information. 

In our line of work, we know that even the smallest crack deserves attention. That's why we perform all types of foundation repair with great care and precision.

If you suspect you may have structural damage, contact us today between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM for a free estimate on how we can give you a better foundation for your future.  

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