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We offer both slab and pier and beam repair to foundations with wooden floor systems inside the structure. This means below your floor, you'll have what's known as a "crawlspace."

There are a few foundation problems unique to pier and beam structures. For instance, unlike foundations with concrete floors, the wood floors are susceptible to rot after prolonged contact with soil or water. Plus, they can suffer damage from termites and rodents. Once the wood is damaged, it requires replacement. Also, pier and beam structures may have a problem with undersized or poorly spaced lumber. If support piers are placed closer together than the typical distance of 6 feet, the wood may sag.

Additionally, pier and beam structures require foundation repair from issues like poor drainage, crowned floors that require jacking up, too-small crawlspaces, and other architectural defects.

Rite-Way can not only recognize these issues immediately – we also have the expertise to address them promptly and professionally.

We provide Pier and Beam Services in Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Palestine, Mt. Pleasant, Canton, Mineola, Hawkins, Gladewater, Rusk, Henderson and across East Texas.

Make sure your house leveling project is handled by foundation repair experts you can trust. Our combined decades of experience promise to put you back on solid ground. Call Rite-Way Foundation today at 903-593-7404 for a no-obligation analysis of your home or business foundation. Or contact us online.

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