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Has your concrete slab started sinking or sloping? When many home or business owners in East Texas encounter such problems, they often assume them to be the result of poor workmanship on the part of the builder of the structure. While this can sometimes be the cause, the actual issue may be the result of a settling foundation that has suffered from seasonal changes due to soil composition, erosion, and other natural phenomena.

At Trust Foundation Repair, formerly Rite-Way Foundation, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify the true causes of your damaged, sinking concrete slab. By using a method called polyurethane foam injection, we can literally lift your concrete slab back in place and restore it to proper level.

The polyurethane foam injection process begins by drilling small holes into the concrete foundation of your property and pumping the foam mixture through tubes. The foam enters the empty spaces beneath your foundation and rapidly expands, lifting the concrete until it reaches its proper level. The foam solidifies and ensures your home or business in East Texas will remain level for years to come without the need for costly excavation and reconstruction.

Since 1976, Trust Foundation Repair has provided high quality foundation repair and structural leveling services to the people of East Texas. We are committed to performing outstanding work with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques guaranteed to leave your foundation stronger than we found it. For more information on the polyurethane foam injection method for leveling your concrete slab, contact us today.

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