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At Trust Foundation Repair, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for your pier and beam home.

What is a Vapor or Moisture Barrier?

Vapor and moisture barriers are physical barriers installed in the crawl spaces of pier and beam homes. They prevent the migration of moisture from the ground and, in doing so, protect the home's foundation, beams, and flooring from potential water damage.

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Why Do I Need A Vapor or Moisture Barrier?

Installing a vapor or moisture barrier under your home increases your home value and provides several other key benefits.

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Protects Structural Integrity

Prevent moisture from seeping into the wooden components of your home.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your family can breathe easily. Vapor barriers improve the quality of your indoor air by reducing dampness.

Prevents Mold and Mildew

A vapor barrier can help prevent the growth of these fungi, protecting both your home and your health.

Enhances Energy Efficiency

Save money on your electric bills. A vapor barrier can enhance your home's energy efficiency and potentially lower your energy costs.

Protects Insulation

By creating a barrier against water intrusion, you can extend the lifespan and efficacy of your insulation.

Deters Pests

Many pests, including insects and rodents, are attracted to damp environments. A dry crawl space is less appealing to these pests.

Why Choose Trust Foundation Repair

At Trust Foundation Repair, we have a deep understanding of the local soil and climate conditions in Tyler, TX. So we can provide the most effective vapor and moisture barrier solutions for your pier and beam home.

Our vapor and moisture barriers are made from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand the harsh Texas weather. They offer a long-term solution to moisture intrusion, ensuring the longevity of your home.

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Our Process

We start with a thorough inspection of your home's foundation and crawl space. We then create a tailored vapor and moisture barrier plan based on the specific needs of your home.

The installation process involves:

Site Preparation:

We clear the crawl space of debris and level the ground where necessary. This ensures a smooth surface for the barrier installation.

Barrier Installation:

Our team lays down and secures the vapor and moisture barrier, ensuring that it fully covers the ground and is properly attached to the foundation walls.


To maximize effectiveness, we seal all seams and junctions in the barrier material. This includes places where the barrier meets piers, beams, and foundation walls.


Once installation is complete, we perform a final inspection to ensure that the barrier is correctly installed and effectively sealed.

Protect Your Family and Your Home Today

Save yourself costly repairs in the future.

Are you ready to safeguard your pier and beam home from moisture intrusion? Contact us today at Trust Foundation Repair in Tyler, TX, to schedule a consultation. Let's protect your home together.

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